Secret Garden Extracts – Distillate Syringe 1ml



Secret Garden Extracts – Distillate Syringe 1ml

Buy Secret Garden Extracts – Distillate Syringe 1ml Onlıne – Each syringe holds 1ml of highly potent cannabis extract with naturally-derived terpenes for an enhanced experience. Cannabis lovers everywhere will thoroughly enjoy the mental and physical relaxation this concentrate provides. Medical patients will especially love experiencing effective, long-lasting relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pains, and more!

Best of all, these distillates are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into whichever form of consumption you’re most comfortable with. Dab, vape, smoke, or drop your distillate under your tongue for the fastest effects. You can even cook this concentrate into a potent edible or mix into your favorite drink for quick and easy dosing. With these syringes, the possibilities are truly endless!

Secret Garden Extracts produces high-quality distillate using only the best ingredients and safest techniques. Each Distillate Syringe contains pure, uncut cannabis oil extract from some of the country’s finest organic cannabis. Once extracted, Secret Garden’s expert team further refines the oil to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes and eliminate impurities. These compounds work with the THC to enhance flavor and create the therapeutic benefits. Finally, the team uses advanced technology to rid the oil of any waxes, fats, and leftover solvents.

The result is a clear, golden concentrate with an unmatched level of potency and cleanliness. This concentrate is then placed inside a lead-free glass syringe with a leak-proof design and blunt-tip needle for easy dosing.

All of Secret Garden’s Distillate Syringes are subject to their industry-leading quality control measures, including testing by an independent laboratory. This process guarantees each syringe is free from pesticides, heavy metals, VEA, PG, MGT, or any other harmful contaminants.

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