Palmetto – Romulan Vape 510 Cartridge UK


THC: 800-820 mg/ml
CBD: 0-20 mg/ml


Palmetto – Romulan Vape 510 Cartridge UK

Palmetto – Romulan Vape 510 Cartridge UK – There’s probably some kind of mysterious, metaphysical reason why the vape mists of Romulan are so magical. We’ll leave it to you and your couch to figure out.

All we know for sure is that this Romulan 1g vape cart offers THC levels as high as 84 %. We’ve used a full-spectrum extraction on this powerful indica with no filler, additives, or artificial flavor – just natural notes of pepper, herbs, and a touch of pine.

We only use CCELL glass vape cartridges filled with pure full-spectrum cannabis juice. Palmetto is grown by cannabis lovers for cannabis lovers, found somewhere deep in the mystic shadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

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