MOTA – Wigglers THC Gummies UK


100mg THC & 20mg CBD per bag

4 peices per bag


MOTA – Wigglers THC Gummies UK

Buy MOTA – Wigglers THC Gummies UK Online  – A savoury and classic gummy with a nostalgic flavour that might wiggle you back to your childhood, these MOTA Indica wigglers are calming and an absolute mood-booster.

MOTA’s proprietary recipe is crafted meticulously such that each delicious goodie comes infused with a precisely measured dosage of THC and CBD. These MOTA wigglers gummies are guaranteed to bring serenity and good laughs to the ambiance.

Order online from MOTA and have these THC gummies delivered to your doorstep with no hassle. Buy MOTA wigglers THC Gummies from MOTA appropriately infused with a calculated dose of 100mg THC and 20mg of CBD. These classic gummies are bound to wiggle you back to the good old days.

Each THC gummy worm is imbued with a calculated dose of THC, which adds a mellowing twist to a classic favourite.

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Wigglers (Indica), Wigglers (Sativa)

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