MOTA – Cola Bottles THC Gummies UK


100mg THC & 20mg CBD per bag

10 peices per bag


MOTA – Cola Bottles THC Gummies UK

Buy MOTA – Cola Bottles THC Gummies UK – These Sativa THC marijuana edibles are excellent when treating muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation in your body. MOTA’s Sativa Cola Bottles can help energize your body and kick out stress and anxiety.

If you are looking to get your fill of sweets while being medicated, check out these mota cola bottles THC gummies that are excessively tangy, sweet, sour, and highly potent.

These Sativa cola bottles are created with premium-grade pure THC Sativa concentrate and comprise 20mg CBD and 100mg THC in every Cola Bottle.

Cola bottles are some of the most famous Sativa cannabis-infused gummies, and every pack comprises tasty Cola Bottles medicated for various needs.

Each pack contains 100mg of THC and 20mg of CBD, which brings you the best of both worlds. These mota THC gummies cola bottles are addictive and savoury, where consuming half a bag will give you the sensations of high kicking in.

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