Ice Cream Marijuana Strain UK

£8.00Per Gram

THC 21-23%CBD 0-1%

Ice Cream Strain Medical Benefits

Anxiety, Insomnia Pain, Depression, Stress


Ice Cream Marijuana Strain UK

Buy Ice Cream Marijuana Strain UK Online. Ice Cream Cannabis Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid weed flower that has become popular after its two highlife cup competitions in 2009 and 2009. This weed strain is slightly Indica dominant, although you will feel an onset of effects from its sativa parent. It has a smooth smoke that feels quite good inside. It has a lovely sweet aroma that is similar to that of sweet candy ice cream.

Its taste is excellent and makes you feel as if you are eating smooth and creamy ice cream. It produces a buzz that affects your head and body equally and is quite strong. Ice cream is very potent cannabis so its THC level is expected to be moderate to high. The numbing sensation produced by the strain lasts for quite a while on your system. It is a good treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite.

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