Edison – Limelight 510 Vape Cartridge UK



Edison – Limelight 510 Vape Cartridge UK

Buy Edison – Limelight 510 Vape Cartridge UK – Edison’s new sativa-dominant Limelight 510 Feather vape cartridge has a high-quality, true-to-flower flavour profile modeled after only our freshest Limelight buds. Available exclusively from Edison, this 1g Feather 510 cartridge is jam-packed with Limelight’s signature tangy, sour and crisp citrus flavor thanks to a tasty combination of the dominant terpenes terpinolene, caryophyllene and humulene.

Edison’s extracts are a beautiful light golden color and are expertly distilled to remove all waxes, sugars, and chlorophyll to deliver a consistent potency. The Feather 510 design is unique, sleek, and sophisticated, using medical-grade steel and thermal-resistant borosilicate glass to create a beautiful and functional piece of vape hardware. Edison extracts combined with Feather 510 cartridges are a smart way to Elevate Your High.

* Compatible with 510 thread devices.
** Device not included.