Buy Nasha Pre-Rolls UK



Buy Nasha Pre-Rolls UK

Buy Nasha Pre-Rolls UK Online. Nasha Pre-Rolls are a great way to receive the quality Nasha buzz, but on the go and still in a high quality flower. Submerge is a hybrid infused pre-roll to inspire creativity, contemplation, euphoria, & relaxation!

Average Potency: 30 – 32.5% ∆9/THC, 0.11% CBD

Nasha is a Humboldt-based brand dedicated to creating the next generation of cold water extracts. Their founder spent many years among the Himalayas studying the origins of Hashish and the culture surrounding it. So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn Nasha is a Hindi word used to describe a high and translates to “A state of transformed consciousness; exhilaration, or excitement of the mind.”

Nasha is best known for their quality extracts, but their venture into more flower products is welcome, as their quality pre-rolls speak for themselves.


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