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Buy Jetty Extracts Pax Era Pods UK

Buy Jetty Extracts Pax Era Pods UK Online. Jetty Extracts Pax Era produces some damn fine, 100% pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Their medical cannabis oil is sold in pre-filled vape cartridges which are labeled and sold as 0.5 g (500 ml) but are actually a bit closer to a full gram, weighing in at about 750 mg.

In addition, all Jetty Pure vape cannabis oils are lab tested and designed to vaporize nicely. The Pure vape cartridges provide the cleanest and most convenient way to medicate. The pure CO2 oil contains no glycols or other additives. Buy Jetty Extracts Pax Era Online UK.

Terpenes that are typically lost with most extraction methods are added back into Jetty Pure vape oils for great flavor and taste. Moreover, the oil has great clarity with a viscous consistency. Smooth smoke, great taste and high – can’t go wrong with a Jetty Pure vape cartridge!

In addition, it offer the taste and potency only quality oils can bring.

Crafted in Oakland from select, sun-grown cannabis with all-natural cannabis terpenes. Potency, purity, and flavor that’s unmistakably Jetty. 

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Alien OG, Cannatonic CBD, Fire Relief, Gelato, Granddaddy Purps, Maui Wowie, Purple Punch, Tangie


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