Buy Henry’s Original Smokes – Blue Dream (Sativa) UK



Buy Henry’s Original Smokes – Blue Dream (Sativa) UK

Buy Henry’s Original Smokes – Blue Dream (Sativa) UK Online. Henry’s Original Blue Dream is perhaps the most earthy iteration of this strain around, delivering a citrus pine aroma and musky smoke. This classic strain also offers the dreamy relief we’ve come to expect and love, with that spark in mood and, for some users, a little boost in confidence. In addition, it is great for all-day use and moving at your own pace, but be careful, you may lose track of time. 

Henry’s Original Premium Cannabis Smokes are conveniently packaged pre-rolls to go, filled with premium single-origin flower grown sustainably in California. Each pack of Henry’s Smokes contains four individually tubed joints ready to spark and enjoy!

Henry’s Original Flower hails from the Emerald Triangle, where their farms in Mendocino County have been family owned and operated from the start. Furthermore, using entirely organic growing methods, Henry’s consistently provides Clean Green-certified flower for all. Their products comply with the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) at every stage of the cultivation process, ensuring their flower is perfected for us!

Blue Dream (Sativa)
Average Potency: 19.3% THC, 0.0 – 0.06% CBD

Package contains 4 prerolls, each .5g size.


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