Buy 1000mg THC Plus Syringe UK (Herb Angels)



Buy 1000mg THC Plus Syringe UK (Herb Angels)

Buy 1000mg THC Plus Syringe UK (Herb Angels) Online. The 1000mg THC Plus Syringe by Herb Angels is a high potency dose of premium, full-spectrum Cannabis extract delivering the synergistic benefits of THC, CBD, and additional terpenes, and cannabinoids for an enhanced Entourage Effect and ultra euphoric experience. Fully decarboxylated, this oil can be ingested directly, as a food additive or painted on a joint or bowl.

1000mg THC Plus Syringe is great for those looking to help treat symptoms of insomnia and cancer. As well as providing strong euphoric effects and inducing appetite.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Rick Simpson Oil

Directions/Suggested Use

The distillate is a very thick liquid. Remove from package and run the closed syringe under hot water to warm up the contents and make the distillate easier to squeeze out. Each mark on the syringe measures approximately 100mg of distillate.

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