Payment Options

Payment Options

At UK Weed Farm dispensary, these are instructions to help you make your payment using the payment options mentioned below. If you have anything to ask us, go to the live chat or kindly go to our contact page and request any information about the payment options. We recommend Bitcoin as the first payment method because it is fast, secure, reliable, anonymous, and convenient. Or you can better still make your payment by the other payment methods.

Transfer Payments

We accept bank transfers within the UK. WESTERN UNION, MONEY GRAM, All you need to do is place your order and make your payment with your online banking account or move to the nearest service point and make your bank transfer. We also accept payments from the EU, AU, CANADA, USA, and ASIA.


At UK Weed Farm dispensary we believe that an ideal payment option should be safe, discreet, fast, and convenient. We accept BITCOIN, ETHERUEM & LITECOIN ,BITCOIN CASH and other cryptocurrencies.



Amazon gift card

You can make payments for your order via amazon gift card. All you need to do is place your order and you see instructions on how to get the amazon gift card on your order invoice.